Graffiti Removal Liability Waiver

Consent for Private Property Services: Graffiti Removal

As owner/lessee/tenant of the above address, I grant permission for the following services to be provided by Scorpion Surface Cleaning LLC at the address listed above:
Services and Consent:
-The owner/lessee grants permission to Scorpion Surface Cleaning LLC to enter onto the property listed above to remove any graffiti. Scorpion Surface may contact an independent contractor consisting of crew leaders and staff, to perform the actual graffiti abatement. The owner/lessee understands that the contractors will not enter on the property if it is determined that conditions on the property are not safe for performing the graffiti removal.
-Scorpion Surface will provide any labor and materials needed to remove the graffiti.
-Scorpion Surface is an experienced and professional graffiti removal company, however, we can not guarantee that we will be able to remove the graffiti. Many things determine if the graffiti can be removed.
-Neither the Contractor nor Scorpion Surface had, or will have, any responsibility or obligation, legal or otherwise, in connection with the work performed, or with the material and equipment supplied, except as expressly stated herein.
-Scorpion Surface cannot guarantee an exact paint match. Property owners are encouraged to provide paint if a closer or exact match is desired. Otherwise, a METRO paint color will be used.
-If the signer is a lessee/tenant of the address, the signer agrees to indemnify the contractor against any claims brought by the building owner against the contractor's work.

I (Owner/Lessee) have read and understand all of the above conditions. By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I agree and accept these terms.